Naval Command and Control Systems

Naval Combat Management Systems and Command and Control Systems

Combat Management System on board a Norwegian submarine

One of the Naval Command and Control Systems Kongsberg Geospatial developed was the Combat Management System shown here on a Norwegian submarine.

For nearly three decades, Kongsberg Geospatial has been recognized as a world leader in high performance software solutions for naval Command and Control systems. Customers repeatedly turn to us as our persistent, single-minded approach lowers development cost and reduces risk. Whether it’s integrated multi-sensor Situational Awareness or 2D/3D geospatial analysis, our customers know our solutions will meet their requirements and exceed their expectations.

We specialize in maintaining performance and responsiveness regardless of data complexity, number of objects on screen, the available hardware, and operational requirements. That’s why we’ve been chosen for mission critical applications including mission visualization, HMI, and Combat Management Systems for naval systems all over the world.


Kongsberg Geospatial has provided Carrier Air Traffic Control systems (CATCC/AATC) for the United States Navy, HMI, systems integration, and geospatial visualization for Combat Management systems in the U.S., Australian, Canadian, and Spanish navies, and Submarine Combat Management Systems for the Norwegian and Danish submarine fleets. In 2016, Kongsberg Geospatial marked their 15th year of providing components for the AEGIS Combat Management System program.

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