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About TerraLens® 3DWeb

TerraLens 3DWeb is a fully-realized 3D mapping and geospatial visualization SDK for building browser-based applications with real-time data.

At its heart, TerraLens 3DWeb is a WebGL library that allows developers to easily create powerful C2 and situational awareness applications with the smooth, fluid performance of full-fledged desktop applications.

TerraLens 3DWeb was built in WebAssembly, and uses the same powerful shader-based rendering technology developed for the most recent version of the TerraLens Core geospatial visualization engine, which has a proven pedigree in mission-critical and defense applications. TerraLens 3DWeb works in tandem with TerraLens Server for stand-out performance when serving tiles and terrain.

With TerraLens 3DWeb’s powerful API, you can add tracks from real-time data feeds to your application; add your own 2D symbology or 3D models, or use the included MIL-STD 2525 symbol generator. The SDK offers a single visualization API for 2D and 3D applications, and leverages hardware acceleration.

The SDK allows for the visualization of 3D terrain, vector tile data, and high resolution raster data. TerraLens 3DWeb makes it easy to visualize multiple map layers simultaneously, while dynamically changing the opacity and stacking order of each layer.

High-resolution globe in TerraLens 3DWeb

High-resolution globe in TerraLens 3DWeb

Airspace and air traffic visualization

Airspace and air traffic visualization

Develop and Deploy Applications Quickly Using JavaScript and WebGL

With TerraLens 3DWeb, you can leverage the JavaScript developers on your web development team to develop performant, full-featured GIS mapping applications without the need to recruit additional C++ or Java developers to provide 3D graphics capabilities.

TerraLens 3DWeb is a good way to deliver a consistent experience across multiple operating systems and for mobile devices

The SDK provides web developers with access to the rich functionality of the TerraLens Core API and all the performance benefits of a shader-based hardware accelerated graphics engine.

Build Once, Deploy Anywhere

TerraLens 3DWeb also makes it possible to quickly deploy applications to multiple platforms and operating systems without the need to recompile for each platform. If you need to build a native application for mobile devices, TerraLens Mobile provides an SDK for the Android OS, but if you simply need to build a lightweight application you can deploy anywhere, TerraLens 3DWeb is a good way to deliver a consistent experience across multiple operating systems and for mobile devices. The SDK includes multi-touch support for touch screen devices.

The SDK delivers good performance on newer iOS and Android tablets and smartphones, and outstanding performance on any computer with a dedicated GPU.


TerraLens® 3DWeb Feature Gallery

Dynamically switch from 2D to 3D visualization, and change map projections on the fly without reloading the page.

Visualization in 2D, 3D, and 2.5D

Easily add 3D models to your application as run-time assets using the glTF model format for WebGL.

3D Models

Deliver high-resolution imagery and global terrain using TerraLens Server’s proprietary high-performance tiling algorithms, or connect to any open standards WMTS server.

Terrain and Imagery Layers

Display a variety of rasterized vector map formats including S57 and Open Street Maps, or extrude and display KML and GeoJSON vector shape data.

Vector Layers

Create and style 2D and 3D geometry to define airspaces and other geometries. Visualize and extrude GeoJSON and MKL data.

2D and 3D Geometry

Real-Time Data Visualization

Display tracks from real-time data, including RADAR and ADS-B.

Desktop applications built with TerraLens can be ported to TerraLens 3DWeb in a straightforward manner with a consistent API in order to extend the reach of your desktop applications, or to create web-based remote viewing applications

Extend Your Applications

TerraLens 3DWeb features a clean architecture that allows you to integrate other rich interactive technologies, such as Angular.js and React. This means you can develop applications that look and behave the way you want, while using technology that your web development team is already comfortable with.

Clean Architecture



Why Choose TerraLens 3DWeb?

TerraLens 3DWeb allows you to leverage your web-development team to create standards-based web applications that provide hardware-accelerated performance in 2D or 3D.

  • Display real-time dynamic data for tens of thousands or air or surface vessel tracks
  • Display data and maps in multiple 2D and 3D projections, including polar projections, without extract-transform-load (ETL) processing.
  • Enjoy the smooth performance of a desktop solution, right in the browser without plugins
  • Build mission-critical applications that handle geospatial data with the accuracy required for mission planning
  • Easily integrate defense symbology, including MIL-STD-2525


Combine with TerraLens Server for More Powerful Applications

TerraLens 3DWeb and TerraLens Server architechture diagram

TerraLens 3DWeb works with TerraLens Server for better performance and real-time track overlays

The true power of TerraLens 3DWeb really becomes apparent when it’s used in combination with TerraLens Server.

While TerraLens Server implements the OGC standard, it also supports an optimized proprietary tiling format that provides faster performance and reduced load times. TerraLens Server also provides support for 3D terrain, vector layers, 3D models and MIL-STD 2525 symbology with an integrated symbol server.

TerraLens Server also facilitates data integration for incorporating real-time track data from a variety of sensor sources, including ADS-B, and RADAR.


Explore the TerraLens 3DWeb Demo

Kongsberg Geospatial has created an evaluation portal for TerraLens 3DWeb, featuring several demo applications of the SDK - including AIS Marine Traffic monitoring, ISR and Airspace Visualization, and a C2 Tactical Scenario simulation.

The portal also includes sample code and complete API documentation. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a user account to access the portal.

Learn More About TerraLens 3DWeb

To learn more about TerraLens, you can view the TerraLens product brochure, or the simplified TerraLens product specifications page: