AVINOR Remote Air Traffic Control Tower Project

The Avinor Remote Tower project will allow a single air traffic controller to manage several remote airfields in Norway like the one pictured here
  • Project: AVINOR Remote Tower Project
  • Component: Augmented Reality display for remote tower operation
  • Contractor: Kongsberg, AVINOR
  • Locations: Multiple remote airfields in Norway
  • Description: Kongsberg Geospatial is providing an Augmented Reality Controller View for Remote Tower operation.
Augmented Reality Remote Air Traffic Control Display

Augmented Reality Display for Remote Air Traffic Control Tower Operation

Kongsberg Geospatial is engaged in creating one of the first fully-realized commercial applications that leverage Augmented Reality components: a project in partnership with AVINOR of Norway, to create a system of remotely operated Air Traffic Control towers for remote airports. The remote tower system allows a single Air Traffic Controller to control flights and multiple airports using an immersive display that provides a full 360-degree field of vision of each airport.

The system leverages Augmented Reality technology to provide real-time data on aircraft tracks and flight paths, and provides virtual terrain data to improve visibility during periods of poor weather or low visibility.

The AVINOR Remote Tower system will be installed at several remote airfields throughout Norway, with the first remotely operated airfields becoming operational in the spring of 2017.

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